Attention Livestock Producers

June 29, 2010

NILSSON BROS. LIVESTOCK (NBI) at Vermilion, Alberta offers a wide range of cattle handling & marketing techniques. One of our most recent ways to market your livestock is our Direct Livestock Marketing System (DLMS). This is not a new method of selling livestock, we have utilized it more in the last few years.

Very similar to other direct selling methods, DLMS will sell your cattle at home, buyer pays freight, have an NB representative describe, take pictures, sort and weigh your cattle. It is very important to have a qualified, experienced cattle person describe your cattle. Picture are great but the onus is still on the person who represents the cattle.

NBI has an extensive outlet of feedlots & buyer representatives to market cattle probably as much as anyone in the business. With feedlots & packing plants located in Eastern, Central & Western Canada, as well as several Northern states, we can merchandise your product every week, year round. We can also pre-sell your cattle for future delivery.

Our costs are very competitive, offering discounts for larger groups. One myth about marketing cattle direct is “the bigger the group, the better”. Not always true. If you have 400 yearlings that average 850 lbs. & weigh from 700 – 1000 lbs. most feedlots will still buy them, take & sort them at home. By sorting them into 2 groups you allow the smaller operators who want 2 – 3 loads to fill a pen, thus creating more competition, and the bigger lots will still bid on both sets.

For any inquiries about our marketing services, feel free to contact Jim, Rusty or any one of our field representatives. Enjoy your summer & good marketing!!!!

  • Rusty Stalwick – (Manager) – 780-853-7669
  • Jim Pulyk – (Sales Manager) – 780-853-0626
  • Bob Foxwell – Wainwright – Lloydminster – 780-842-0410
  • Les Trach – St. Paul – Two Hills – 780-645-0939
  • Harvey Trach – St. Paul – 780-645-5172
  • Pat Lawrence – Bonnyville – 780-826-2655
  • Steiger Stalwick – Vermilion – 780-853-7946
  • Roland Goertz – Vegreville – Vilna – 780-636-3065
  • Dave Crittall – Paradise Hill – St. Walburg – 306-344-2188
  • Ryan Noble – Pierceland – Meadow Lake – 306-839-7949